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    Lost Crypto Recovery Experts is a service provider that can help you identify, locate and recover lost crypto and tokenized digital assets. We provide a private, secure in-depth cryptocurrency analysis to investigate and review your crypto challenge. Depending on your case, we can help locate and recover your lost assets. Before any action, we’ll deliver advice with a written case response on how best to get started. We work with new crypto investors, enthusiasts, small business owners, and others. We’ll never ask for your wallet or exchange passwords or recovery keys.  We invite you to contact us about your unique problem in the form below. We’ll respond rapidly to help solve your lost crypto challenge.

Our Services

Lost Cryptocurrency Analysis

We understand the difficulty and the frustration of navigating this new world if you’re new to crypto. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes sending, receiving, and staking crypto each day.  Fortunately, we can help.  Our team has the expertise to help you . . .

* Recover lost crypto tokens including BTC, ADA, XRP, XLM, BCH, and many more
* Find forgotten or lost wallet passwords and keys
* Lost access to your online exchange.
* Regain access to accounts from damaged phones
* Recover coins from ledger / trezor hardware wallets
* Navigate the crypto landscape with help and advice
* Help if you sent crypto to the wrong address or chain

Yes! It’s possible to recover your lost cryptocurrencies and tokens. Contact us in the form below

How We Work With You

* We work via email, phone, zoom, or screen share

* We will never ask for recovery keys or money upfront.

* If we can’t help, you don’t pay.

How We Charge

If we can’t help, you don’t pay. Depending on the complexity of your case, you’ll pay a percentage of what we recover. As a client, you’ll receive a report, and a letter of agreement about your issue sent directly to your contact information before we start. 

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